Monday, January 26, 2015

Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass Shower Enclosures 

Glass shower enclosures are a great way to spruce up the décor and appearance of your bathrooms. With so many designs and style choices available in the market today, it can become a tad difficult to select the appropriate one of choice. Here are a few guidelines to get you started.

Higher Ended Ones
Glass shower enclosures that have a lower content of iron are more preferred by consumers and hence these fall under the higher ended spectrum of the selection. Most of these kinds of enclosures come with very thick grades of glass in them. The reduced levels of iron in these enclosures imply that the glass has more clarity and increased color balance ratios. Compare this with standard enclosures with a greenish tinted glass and you will quickly see why the low iron ones are so much in demand.

Frameless Paneled Varieties
One other very popular type of glass shower enclosures is the frameless paneled varieties. These come replete with clean, minimalist lines and a fantastic tempered glass inside. The base is made of acrylic and has outer edges replete with recessed channels. In fact, this is one of the unique and distinguishing aspects about such enclosures. It is also one of the factors, which contribute to its beauty and sophistication. Due to these recessed channels in these enclosures, it provides a unique perception as though the platform of the shower is raised.

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